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A high technology, high Capability Company committed to exceeding client expectations, our expertise encompasses the entire range of Aerospace and Defense, including applications for Land, Sea and Space.

Our products include seals, gaskets and O-Rings manufactured from MIL-STD-83528 approved materials, including; thermally conductive elastomers, oriented wire in silicon, woven mesh, wire mesh, and microwave absorbing materials.


The Fabritech team are professional in their respective fields.


“I love the ocean and the beach. Not just in the summer, but also in the fall, winter and spring. It is constantly changing. The beach looks different every day; the angle of the light reflecting off the water is never the same, the sea birds vary depending on the season. But the tide is a constant no matter the season.”

“It’s a metaphor for the sales process. Customers are constantly changing requirements; decisions are driven by budgets that are never the same and the competition varies depending on the customer requirements. But, if you keep coming back, if you are a constant with the customer, win or lose, eventually you will win more business than you lose.”

"I have spent over 20 years in the Aerospace, Military industry, working on programs such as Navy Aegis, P-3 and Patriot Missile, which has taught me the fine art of patience.
When your product is a small component in a larger system, you learn that no matter how good your product is, it takes time to win the approval and the confidence of large defense contractors."

"When I was younger, I read Walden by Henry David Thoreau and whilst  I have has lots of favorite quotes from the book, the one I likes most is,
“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours”.

“If we stay confident in who we are and what we want Fabritech to be, we will have great success as a company and as a team” he said.


FRAN BERARDINISIn 1988, while a student at nearby West Chester University, Fran took what he thought would be a short term employment opportunity working at Fabritech. Offered a full time position upon his graduation in 1990, he accepted, and 28 years later his “short term employment” continues.

For his first ten years, Fran worked production on the shop floor, where he learned and soon mastered all aspects of manufacturing EMI, RFI and Thermal Gaskets.  “I learned everything about the materials, quality, the processes and about our customers,” Fran said.

During the next phase of his career, Fran moved from the shop floor to the front office, where he has handled all the other various aspects of the business becoming involved in purchasing, customer support, product design and operations.  “If there is a job to do at Fabritech, I’ve done it,” he said.

Producing a quality, designed-to-specification product for exacting customers is always a challenge, but Fran’s motto of “GET’R DONE”, exemplifies Fabritech’s “can do” attitude. “I am still involved with every Fabritech product, from customer design- to pre-production- to finished product.  Every gasket that leaves Fabritech has the Fran DeBerardinis seal of approval.”


LISA BERRIOSFor many people a career path is anything but straight.  It has multiple twists and turns, starts and stops. Not, however, for Lisa Berrios.  “At 18, I needed a job; I didn’t have a car, so I walked out of the house, down the road and into Creavey Seal – a division of Northern Engineering,” Lisa said.  Creavey, a manufacturer of Teflon encapsulated "O" ring seals, hired her on the spot for production.  “I wanted to learn everything about the business,” she said and was soon promoted to Operations Manager.

Fast forward 23 years, and Lisa, now the mother of two children, still has both hands in seals and gaskets.  Creavey Seals has become part of Polymer Solutions (IPS) Group and everything continued moving smoothly under Lisa’s expert guidance… that is, until Northern Engineering consolidated operations to the UK. “That would have been a bit far to commute,” she said.  But luckily, Fabritech, also a part of IPS, needed a seasoned gasket and seal veteran to run their production.  “It was a perfect match. I relocated to West Chester, PA and have never looked back,” she said.

Three years later, as Production Manager for Fabritech, Lisa moved from the shop to the front office where she was promoted to Inside Sales.  With her eye for detail, and her 26 years of seals and gaskets knowledge, she is quickly mastering another side of the business from seasoned Fabritech veteran Fran Berardinis (see Fran’s profile).

Asked what she likes best about Fabritech, Lisa said, “I love the pressure, the deadlines, customer interaction and knowing that everyone at Fabritech works together as a team to produce quality products.”


Fabritech was established in 1987 as an authorized fabricator and distributor for Parker Chomerics EMI and Thermal products. A family run business, Fabritech quickly became a trusted name for custom EMI and Thermal gaskets.

In 2010 Fabritech was purchased by Sanders Industries and began offering a wider array of products and services, yet retaining the family run feel. As a result of this acquisition Fabritech became part of a much larger organization including; Rubbercraft, Sanders Composites, and Creavey Seal, enhance our ability to leverage engineering expertise to support our growing customer base. Sander Industries sold the organization in May 2014 to Industrial Growth Partners (IGP), with Rubbercraft becoming the HQ for the newly formed group called Integrated Polymer Solutions. The group (which Fabritech is part of) currently comprises 5 unique product brands and 4 distinct manufacturing locations.

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Fabritech’s pedigree and expertise in precision die cutting, water jet cutting and extruded elastomeric products are second to none. Our customers benefit from our expertise in utilizing these combinations of techniques in order to tailor the specific complexity of the part to the finished product. Our extensive knowledge base of conductive and nonconductive elastomer materials makes Fabritech an excellent business partner.


As a business partner, Fabritech delivers added value through a complete package which encompasses every stage from the initial engineering and development to a final component solution. Whether build-to-print, or build-to-model, we can design, manufacture, assemble, test and install. It’s an efficient, seamless and effective approach designed for customer satisfaction.


Fabritech only uses Qualified Producers List (QPL) for Mil-DTL-83528 conductive materials.

Our ability to combine EMI shielding and traditional sealing technology, integrated with customer components, provides electrical conductivity between mating surfaces while ensuring environmental protection as well as vibration isolation. Shielding performance is outstanding for EMI, RFI and high frequency emission.

Fabritech’s EMI shielding elastomers and systems have outstanding physical properties, including long life in critical applications, high chemical, fuel and solvent resistance and a wide usable temperature range.

EMI requirements can be met by molding in place, extruding continuous lengths, die cutting from sheet and vulcanizing to metal, and a wide range of other materials.

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O-Rings of all sizes
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Fabritech has a comprehensive and evolved range of manufacturing capabilities to fulfil any project cost effectively, on time and with 100% quality and performance.

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  • Wide range of sizes of extrusion
  • Die Cutting or Water Jet Cutting for precise, accurate products
  • In-house control over tool design and fabrication
  • Sheet / slab stock in house for immediate delivery
  • Unique vulcanizing processes to join similar, and dissimilar materials
  • Splicing
  • Value added assembly and supply chain management
  • Aerospace required levels of precision tolerances
  • Extensive industry approved material specifications for aerospace and defense, as well as the ability to formulate materials for your specific application
  • Chemical and physical validation to specifications
  • Qualification testing of design
  • Metal inserts and seal retainers

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